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Every company has a purpose. Ours is to provide customers all over India and the world with the products they need most by either manufacturing, constructing or sourcing them.


Kushal Limited (formerly known as Kushal Tradelink Limited) started in year 2000 as an India and paper-products focused trading company.

After becoming one of the leading players in the trading, manufacturing and supply of paper and paper products, the company today has developed a global footprint across a range of other important product categories.

Today, the company provides a ready supply of coal, agricultural products, drug APIs, readymade garments, paper & paper products, base oils, electronic items & accessories, steel products and hundreds of other important things, including homes to customers in India and across the globe.

Over the years, Kushal Limited has developed deep linkages across the world by trading in a variety of finished goods and raw material, as per quality specifications and on time, consistently.

This has allowed the company to establish strong two-way supply chains across USA, Europe, Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Kushal Limited could develop both ends of the trade and build long-term customer relationships, developing expertise in a variety of important products and commodities.

The company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries in Singapore, UAE and Malaysia, today. This lets the company sit at the heart of the global commodity trade, understand it, anticipate, and participate in the daily flow of finished goods and commodities needed by customers around the world.

Today, Kushal Limited’s customers include over 600 multinational, nationalised and private sector companies. However, our customers also include individual families.

Recognising the acute need for affordable homes and quality housing in India, the company today has a strong presence in the infrastructure development sector.

In keeping with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of providing 'Housing for All by 2022', Kushal is providing housing security to thousands of people from the low income groups through the company’s infrastructure development projects in and around Ahmedabad.

The company’s infrastructure associate has already built and provided a modern industrial shed for the SMEs in India’s most entrepreneurial state, Gujarat.

Now it is getting ready to provide superior quality housing to the state’s higher end of the population who are posted away from the city, work hard in its manufacturing hub, and deserve to live well.

At Kushal Limited, our belief is that, customers around the world must have an uninterrupted supply of whatever they need most, procured in the most efficient way possible. For that, the company is always alert to source, manufacture, construct and even reconstruct businesses.

While there are companies that provide Asset Reconstruction, Kushal Limited at times provides Business Reconstruction, by turning around entire businesses to make them more relevant for evolving customer needs.

Kushal Limited tries to identify NPAs or financially distressed companies, acquire their bad debts at a favourable cost, and revive them with a fresh injection of capital and management.

This provides employment, unburdens the stressed public sector banking system and unlocks maximum value from these companies for the benefit of all stake holders, customers, the tax payer and the community.

Kushal Limited believes in providing for today and tomorrow, by anticipating the shifts in economic and trade conditions, and then creating a strategy that involves a mix of trading, manufacturing, construction and reconstruction of businesses.

This way, the company ends up providing security of raw material supply, food products, lifestyle products, healthcare, housing and sometimes, even jobs.