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The main endeavour at Kushal Limited is to provide whatever the world needs, from wherever it is available, in whichever way proves the best.


Kushal Limited is in the business of bridging the universal demand-supply gap by bringing products from where they are produced to where they are needed most.

Over the last few years, India has been witnessing a new boom, filled with information and consumerism. With rising levels of literacy, the country continues to be the world’s fastest growing newspaper market. India is now also the world’s fastest growing online retail market.

The need for high quality packaging paper, newsprint and coated papers has always been top priority here. Accordingly, the mainstay of our business in India has so far been manufacturing, sourcing and providing different varieties of paper and paper products.

Kushal Limited is, today, one of the leading importers of waste paper, which is recycled and made into corrugated paper for the packaging industry, without any additional deforestation.

India has been losing 13 million hectares of forest cover every year. For sustainable development to happen, the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, is that we increase our national forest area to cover 33% of the country for maximum environmental and ecological security.

Another important need for a growing India is housing security. Today, the company is doing significant work in Gujarat to provide affordable homes and industrial sheds, so that all sections of the society can benefit from our economic progress.

The main endeavour of Kushal Limited is to provide whatever the world needs, from wherever it is available, in whichever way is the best.

For this, we are into three key sectors of business: manufacturing, trading and infrastructure development.

In a bid to expand our footprint and develop further product and geographical diversification, the company has incorporated three wholly-owned subsidiaries in UAE, Singapore and Malaysia.

With the help of these subsidiary companies, Kushal Limited now deals in metals & minerals, agricultural products, electronics & home appliances, active pharmaceutical ingredients, petroleum products, coal and base oils. In fact, the non-paper part of the business currently contributes over 70% of our revenue.

Kushal Limited works closely with many corporate clients. The company helps them identify and develop solutions which work best for them, using Kushal Limited's expertise in commodity & general trading, logistics, finance and risk management.

Our ability to provide what is needed, on time and as per specification, is backed by a complementary infrastructure comprising dedicated manufacturing facilities, logistics, storage and distribution capability across the world.

Today, the company is a reliable partner to over 600 nationalised, MNC and private sector companies. It also supplies newsprint to the world’s largest selling English language newspaper circulated out of India.