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Kushal Limited is committed to unlocking opportunities and generating maximum shareholder value by having minimum impact on the environment.


At Kushal Limited, we understand the difference between what the world wants and what the world needs.

For sustainable business practises that lead to progress for all, the company has established a robust governance structure and put in place rigorous policies and procedures to ensure that all Kushal Limited employees and channel partners comply with the relevant national and international legislation and regulation.

The company is committed towards eliminating deforestation, particularly in the process of making paper. It recycles large quantities of waste paper to manufacture high quality Kraft Paper, demanded in large quantities by the growing packaging industry.

The Niti Aayog has set targets of increasing India’s disappearing forest cover from 22% to 33%. This is critical to sustain life over land as well as life under water.

Kushal Limited uses a wide network of decentralised warehouses, storage terminals and manufacturing facilities in its bid to consume less fossil fuels while transporting or distributing our products and commodities.

Our forays into the distribution of agricultural and food products ensure that the farmer’s procurement price never crashes due to oversupply. Similarly, no customer has to overpay because of a sudden shortage. This provides greater food security to the community and helps farmers protect their income.

In all our manufacturing, sourcing and delivery of products, we try to innovate and reduce the use of water and emissions.

At Kushal Limited, we take our responsibility towards the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, the community and our planet very seriously.

Our aim is to increase the company’s footprint without adding to our carbon footprint.