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The history of Indian cinema is older than the Indian republic.

With nearly 2000 films being made every year in 20 languages, India continues to be the world’s largest film producing nation.

These movies could be individually funded or systematically produced. However, the desire to appear on screen or tell stories to a million others, is a basic human aspiration.

Kushal Limited, as a company, recognizes the potential of the Indian entertainment industry. It also recognizes how difficult it is currently for independent creative people to air innovative and new content.

The Group is keen to invest in the making of contemporary cinema in India and tell great stories that weave in new plots, new visuals, new sounds and new technology. This does not need mega budgets, this just needs new ideas.

The first urban Gujarati movie made by the entertainment division of the company is already under production and many new stories are being constantly evaluated for potential.

Cinema has a great way of uniting people and inspiring change. Now with multiplexes, single theatres, television and your mobile phone all participating, this is the best time for India to tell its stories.