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With an average age of 29 by 2020, India will be the youngest major economy in the world soon.

An increasing working population will mean the competition for success will increase manifold, and meeting the educational and developmental aspirations of new India is the need of the hour.

With a vision to provide every Indian with the right to quality education, right from the very outset, Kushal Limited is venturing into the category of education.

As family dynamics change and both working parents struggle to create quality time for their children, modern-day parenting has become a real challenge.

The early childhood years (0-6 years) are the most important in a child’s life. It is during this time that the human brain develops over 90% and the foundation is created for all future learning.

If we need to make India’s education and overall skill development system stronger - we need to make our preschools stronger, first.

Making this as our vision, Kushal Limited has decided to venture into Early Childhood Education with the planned opening of hundreds of preschools across India in the next few years.

We offer franchisees to keen entrepreneurs with a fully integrated model and a detailed franchise support program.