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While Kushal Limited began its journey as a trading company, it has since integrated its backward operations by incorporating several manufacturing capacities located at strategic locations within India.

The company, through its divisions, associates and wholly owned subsidiaries in India and abroad, today focusses on trading, manufacturing and infrastructure development.

To provide customers around the world with what they need, as per specification and on time, the company is always looking to identify newer and better sources.

As global uncertainties and dynamics hit India, the banking system is getting more and more stressed with mounting non-performing assets.

This allows the company to identify and acquire potential winners which have run up huge debts, at a fraction of their original cost. Then turn them around with a fresh lease of capital and management, so that the manufacturing facilities once again become viable, throbbing and relevant to our customers.

This process of Business Reconstruction opens up tremendous opportunity to create fresh shareholder value and generate employment.

With our mixed approach to trading, manufacturing and construction, Kushal Limited today, provides commodities, finished products and infrastructure to a whole spectrum of customers starting from low income families to large Fortune 500 companies.


The world is today getting increasingly interlinked.

Weather changes in one part of the world affects the demand and supply of agricultural products and food in another part.

Socio-economic growth in one region increases the manufacture and supply of electronic appliances from another part.

Truth is, most products, either grown or manufactured, are rarely consumed at their place of origin. Distributing them across the world involves complex linkages and the use of multiple logistics systems with a variety of risk.

Kushal Limited, with its wholly owned subsidiaries in Singapore, UAE and Malaysia, help facilitate the sourcing, transportation and flow of hundreds of important raw materials and finished products around the world.


The more the world population increases, the greater is the need for paper and paper products.

India itself is home to the world’s fastest growing population, most of whom still prefer starting the day by reading the morning newspaper.

Coincidentally, India is also the world’s fastest growing online retail market which needs high quality packaging to wrap all its purchases.

With the increasing need for information, packaging, documentation and education, India presents a very large market for different varieties of paper in a wide range of BFs and GSMs.

The company deals in a comprehensive variety and gradation of paper, such as Kraft Paper, Duplex Boards, Newsprint, Coated Paper, Copier Paper, Colour Paper, Decorative Paper, Chromo Paper & Boards.

The waste paper, which serves as raw material, is sourced from both domestic and international markets, and then supplied to paper mills across India. We also source finished paper from across the world and supply to businesses ranging from corrugated box manufacturers to offset printers.

Today, Kushal Limited is one of the leading suppliers of all types of paper needed by the nation as well as the international community.

Agricultural Products

Economic development around the world is usually accompanied by improvement in food habits.

However, as the world population threatens to become 9.7 billion by 2050, every country is looking to increase food productivity. The only problem is, the amount of arable land on earth is limited. In fact, in most cases, the amount of land available for farming is decreasing with the corresponding expansion of urban centres.

What further complicates the problem is the climate change being witnessed in all parts of the earth. An unexpected good crop in one part of the world results in a sudden glut and threatens to crash procurement prices from the farmer. Similarly, a bad crop in a different part of the world results in food scarcity.

To provide timely and affordable nutrition to millions of people around the world, Kushal Limited sources and supplies a variety of food products and nutrition supplements such as protein-rich lentils, powder milk, cashew nuts and Vitamin C.

This trade in important agricultural products provides the world with greater food security and keeps in check the volatility of prices.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We have made monumental advances in healthcare, yet nearly two billion people across the world don’t have access to the life-saving medicine they need.

The right treatment, at the right price, is something patients across the globe seek.

Kushal Limited provides a wide variety of APIs used by both the branded and the generic drug manufacturers for the treatment of life threatening diseases like cancer.

These APIs are sourced based on their accurate formulations and made available on time to global drug manufacturers.

This helps the company provide health security to people all over the world who are suffering and seeking immediate treatment.


Most chemical products used globally are intermediates, used in the production of other goods and crops.

However, to develop a new chemical product by itself, which is tested thoroughly for effectiveness, safety and impact on the environment, takes years. No wonder, less than 20 new chemicals are introduced each year worldwide and trading in chemicals is essential for the growth of all economies.

Chemicals used by the agricultural sector are required to grow more abundant crops and preserve food. Many of them help protect plant life and crops and ensure there’s minimum loss.

Kushal Limited deals in the intermediates required to make several important fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. These chemicals include Chloropyridine and Methylsulfonyl Ethyl Amino, and go a long way in protecting both farmer incomes and farm yields.

Also since pests tend to develop resistance to crop protection chemicals, there is a continual need for new products to be developed and provided.

By making available these vital chemicals and intermediates, Kushal Limited ensures that farmers can grow more food in the land they already have, reducing the need to farm additional areas.


Plastics have moulded the modern world and transformed the quality of life. They possess a unique combination of properties. Plastics are lightweight, tough, and can be equally flexible as well as rigid.

A growing population and material consumption has put severe pressure on our natural resources and fragile eco-systems. The material needs of our population are growing and plastics offer a cost effective alternative.

Plastics are employed in a variety of applications where they actually conserve natural resources. For example, aseptic packaging of edible oils and milk is today achieved using flexible materials that eliminate the use of tin and glass containers.

Similarly, the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) are used for making numerous varieties of flexible packaging as well as bulk water and chemical storage.

Apart from reducing the use of natural resources, use of plastics in these applications saves transportation fuel as plastics are substantially lighter than tin, glass or steel.

Water storage tanks and safe drinking water in PET bottles is a very common sight these days. They provide water security to households and industries, and help reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases.

The long life and desirability of plastics, make it an important ingredient necessary for the smooth running of our socio-economic life.

Kushal Limited provides both LDPE and HDPE granules to various manufacturing companies across the globe and helps them make packaging, storage and other products necessary for everyday industrial and household use.

Textile & Readymade Garments

One of the basic needs in a civilization is the need for clothing.

The garment industry caters to this critical need, while textiles refer to the intermediates such as fabric and yarn, which are used in the making of the final garment.

The global trade in textiles and garments has expanded at a higher rate than both GDP as well as world trade growth figures. In fact, no other industry comes close to matching the significant role the textile sector has played over the years.

Inventories of early sailing ships listed cotton and silk products as a vital part of the cargo. Even now, the demand for delicate and natural silk products remains high among the quality conscious public in the developed countries.

Kushal Limited sources and provides the world with a variety of high quality products such as silk scarves, silk carpets, embroidered silk dresses, blouses and hundreds of other sought after readymade garments.

Electronics & Accessories

As the world becomes more fast-paced and digital, the need for communication and entertainment is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Imagine the difficulty each of us go through when our mobile phones become dead for even a short time.

Recognising this evolving consumer need of a modern-day world, Kushal Limited has been sourcing and providing the world with branded portable chargers, mobile phones, tablets, headphones, data cards, smart watches and hundreds of other important electronic gadgets the public just can’t do without.

The company is today an integral part of the global supply chain which ensures security of lifestyle products to a highly digital and connected world.

Metals & Minerals

Almost all goods contain products from the mining sector. For instance, a mobile phone can contain 50 different metals and minerals.

Metals and minerals are crucial for the manufacturing, construction and power generation sectors, but equally vulnerable to supply.

No country in the world is self-sufficient in these materials. Besides, several countries which are rich in mineral deposits, restrict their export to promote downstream industries within their own country.

Kushal Limited deals in tin ingots, coal, limestone & limestone aggregates, stone chip aggregates and reinforcing steel bars or rebars.

Tin is one of the rarest metals and is used extensively in the making of tin plates, bearing materials, electroplating and alloys such as bronze.

Coal sourced from Indonesia and Australia is used in power generation, cement manufacturing and steel production.

The aggregates are crushed and coarse particulate matter, which could be mined or recycled from earlier products. Stone chip aggregates are used by the construction and infrastructure industry for making concrete and road surfacing.

Limestone and limestone aggregates are used for purifying iron in blast furnaces, manufacture of cement and glass products, and making fly ash bricks and building material.

Capital Goods

World R&D activity and world production of capital equipment are highly concentrated in a small number of countries.

Countries that are technologically and industrially most advanced are the ones best placed to make specialised equipment.

While only a few countries can afford to conduct extensive R&D programs, the benefits can spread across the world through export of capital goods that embody the latest technology.

A country’s productivity and progress then depends on its access to the latest capital goods and its ability to use them.

Today, with human population increasing everyday, there’s a huge scarcity of resources in most parts of the world.

While 70% of the earth is covered with water, less than 1% of all the water on earth is fresh water that we can actually use. That too is becoming unsafe for use with pollution and waste filling up our water bodies.

Kushal Limited works closely with its clients to provide them the latest equipment needed for water treatment, sewage treatment and reverse osmosis process.

The company also supplies seamless steel pipes, hydro pneumatic systems, flow meters, check valves, advanced flame detector systems, temperature transmitters and sensors, and hundreds of other critical equipment needed by various industries across the world.