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For some years now, India has been at the forefront of economic growth. However, our belief at Kushal Limited is that no nation can grow sustainably till all its citizens are assured of adequate infrastructure facilities to earn their livelihood and a comfortable home to come back to.

While construction has enjoyed long periods of boom in India, the need to provide quality residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure to all sections of the society remains an unfulfilled dream.

The company, through its associate in the real estate sector, Kushal Infrastructure, has been tapping into this huge responsibility and opportunity, and planning several key projects in Gujarat.

Completed Projects


One of the first things any entrepreneur needs is a place or shed to conduct his business.

In a bid to provide SMEs the infrastructure to conduct their own warehousing, processing and manufacturing business, Kushal Limited developed and delivered a well-planned industrial park with all important facilities in Changodar, Ahmedabad.

Changodar is one of the fastest developing industrial areas around Ahmedabad and provides SMEs and their customers with easy access to the rest of the industrial sectors closeby.

The Kushal Industrial Park comprises 66 sheds with a well-developed network of roads, modern loading and unloading facilities and round the clock security.

Ongoing Projects


The people who physically work the hardest in India, often have to settle for dwelling in congested slums and squatter settlements. Many of these settlements even lack basic life supporting amenities such as proper sanitation, drinking water and power connections.

The need for affordable housing is huge in India, and the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has recently envisaged his vision of Housing for All by 2022 and launched the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

In keeping with this vision, Kushal Infrastructure has been developing an extensive affordable housing project named Kushal Awaas in Vatva near Ahmedabad.

With a total of over 800 units, Kushal Awaas is providing quality housing infrastructure to the lowest sections of the Indian economy.

The units comprise a mix of 1 Room Kitchen, 1 BHK and 2 BHK for slightly larger family sizes. The first phase comprising 451 flats will soon be delivered and hundreds of families will have the security of their own house to come back to.


Upcoming Projects


The last few years has seen tremendous economic growth in the state of Gujarat and Ahmedabad is now poised to become a truly world-class city.

With surging business and employment opportunities, the city has been consistently attracting talent from not just within India, but also the entire world.

With more rationalised Foreign Investment Policies in India, the real estate sector in India has opened up and quality international players are stepping in.

Kushal Infrastructure has tied up with the Indian arm of the California based Pacifica Group of Companies to create Marvella, a 3 and 4 BHK project comprising luxury apartments in one of the best locations of Ahmedabad.

Strategically located near two important roads, the SG Highway and the SP Ring Road, Marvella comprises 69 lowrise apartments surrounded by 70% open landscaped spaces and greenery.

Marvella comes with the finest facilities and amenities, including a club house, multi-purpose gaming courts, auditorium, swimming pool, guest parking, separate recreational areas for children and the elderly, and a state-of-the-art gym.

When complete, Marvella hopes to provide a truly world-class quality of life to the high-end customer, right in the middle of Ahmedabad.