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Ashapura Paper

Ashapura Paper, our Manufacturing unit is located in Bhuj, Gujarat. Its strategic location near the Mundra port facilitates easier access to the imported raw material and export of finished papers.

The paper mill manufactures high-quality Kraft Paper with a production capacity of 51,000 tons per annum. The uniqueness of process lies in the fact that 100% of the production is made from waste paper.

The unit uses raw material like New Doubled Lined Kraft Cutting (NDLKC) or used corrugated boxes from USA. The unit also uses material such as Double Sorted Old Corrugated Container (DSOCC) Premium from USA, Europe. Australia and the Middle East.


Riddhi-Siddhi, our Manufacturing unit is located in Kheda district in Gujarat. It is engaged in the business of manufacturing high quality Kraft Paper with a production capacity of approximately 1,00,000 tons per annum.

This unit uses 100% recycled fiber procured from India and other international markets such as USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

This unit has emerged as a strong player in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets with its offering of multiple varieties of Kraft Paper.

Kushal Wealth

Kushal Wealth, our Manufacturing unit is located in Kuha, Ahmedabad. It is engaged in the business of manufacturing high-GSM Kraft Paper ranging from 200-550 GSM. The unit’s production capacity is 25,000 tons per annum.

There are very few companies in the world that can make high-GSM Kraft Paper from 100% waste paper. Though the outcome is ‘recycled paper’, but due to the wire machine technology used, the Kraft Paper produced by Kushal Wealth is of very high bursting strength (BS) and high Compression Strength (CS), thereby yielding very good Ring Crust Test (RCT).

The unit uses local Kraft Waste, Core Pipe Waste and imported mix-waste to manufacture 100% recycled Kraft Paper.

Being eco-friendly, these scraps do not result in additional deforestation. The unit maintains ready inventory of raw material so that it is able to provide consistent supply of high strength Kraft Paper on demand.

Kushal Infrastructure

Kushal Infrastructure, our Infrastructure unit is engaged in the business of construction and Real Estate all over Gujarat. It has currently developed more than 2,00,000 square feet of space and aims to develop a total of 5 million square feet of space by 2020.

The unit has provided SMEs in and around Ahmedabad with the modern and infrastructurally superior Kushal Industrial Park. The sheds at the Industrial Park provide local level entrepreneurs the chance to conduct their business out of a well-planned and well-connected area complete with a network of roads, loading-unloading facilities and round-the-clock security.

Presently, the division is engaged in the completion of another important project named ‘Kushal Awaas’. Kushal Awaas aims to provide quality options in affordable housing to those who toil the hardest. Over 800 low income families will be given 1 Room-Kitchen, 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats complete with proper sanitation, drinking water and power connections. The first phase of the project with 451 flats will be delivered soon to the public.

Kushal Infrastructure has several more projects in the pipeline. This includes affordable housing projects, luxury apartments & villas, commercial projects, mix-use projects and hospitality projects across different cities in India.

This will provide the country's population across all socio-economic groups with truly world-class infrastructure facilities.