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Pushp-Tulsi Foundation is a CSR initiative by Kushal Limited. A tribute to our founder and former president Late Mr Tulsiram Agrawal and his spouse Mrs Pushpadevi Tulsiram Agrawal, the foundation's intention is to serve and strengthen the community within which the company operates.

The main focus of our philanthropic activities is to remove the obstacles that are holding back people and the society, and giving the disadvantaged a fair opportunity at unlocking their true potential.

Swachh Bharat, Swachh Ahmedabad

Swachh Bharat is not just the duty of the government, it is part of everyone’s responsibility. As a part of our 16th Foundation Day celebrations, we initiated a drive to keep the Ahmedabad city clean and hygienic by partnering organisations such as Paper Ashram.

Recycled paper bags sourced from Paper Ashram’s foundation ‘Handmade Hope’ were distributed to street vendors to keep their vicinity clean. We also tied up with the local municipal body to enable use of these bags on a daily basis, wherein garbage collection trucks would pick up the filled bags daily and replace them with new ones.

‘Handmade Hope’ is a channel through which the underprivileged can learn how to create artistic souvenirs and add to their skillsets. By giving these craftsmen a platform to provide and sell their paper bags, the initiative also ended up giving a hand to self sustainable employment generation.

Promoting Womanhood

No nation can become healthy and robust without healthy women. Kushal Limited supports #hereforher intiative, a social campaign for the empowerment of women undertaken by Wonder Wings. The mission behind #hereforher is to promote female menstrual well-being by educating and increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining proper personal hygiene. To facilitate easy access to menstrual hygiene, we provide cartons of sanitary napkins every month to Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh, a school which cares for hundreds of visually impaired girls by providing them boarding and other in-house facilities.

Providing equal opportunity to orphan children

About 20 million children, a figure higher than the population of New Delhi, are orphans in India. Most of these children are abandoned because of economic pressures, and if given the right opportunities, we can unlock limitless potential in these children. Kushal Limited has partnered SOS Children's Villages to provide sponsorship for the education of several parentless children in an environment of family-based care, security and stability. SOS Villages is an organisation which is over 50 years old in India and operates in 22 Indian states, providing a system of learning and care, with children of different ages growing up as brothers and sisters under an SOS mother.

Inspiring children at Rishikul School, Rajasthan

Shri Rishikul Vidyapeeth is a group of institutions providing quality education to underprivileged children in Laxmangrah, Rajasthan. Kushal Limited partners the school by providing notebooks and other stationaries to hundreds of primary section students at Rishikul. We also carried out the Swachh Bharat initiative at the school by educating and encouraging the children about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and getting them to keep their surroundings clean.

Chinmay Residential Institute for the mentally challenged

The innocent eyes of a special child reflects the various shades and moods of nature. It differentiates hope from despair, empathy from sympathy and the triumphant twinkle of happiness over the everlasting gloom of being born challenged.

Kushal Limited organised an event titled ‘Meet the Special’ at ‘Chinmay Residential Institute for Mentally Challenged’. The institute is run under Bharat Lokhit Seva Samiti Trust and aims to rehabilitate mentally challenged children by providing them a conducive environment for their overall development.

Motif Charity Walk

Over the last 15 years, the Motif Charity Walk has become an important annual charity event in Ahmedabad. Every year, the organisers shortlist five NGOs as beneficiaries of the funds raised through the Charity Walk. In 2017, Kushal Limited was a Platinium Sponsor for the 15th edition of the Charity Walk organised by Motif India.

Kushal Limited had selected Bharat Lokhit Seva Samiti as the beneficiary of the sponsorship amount. This beneficiary runs Chinmay Resident Institute for mentally challenged children, women and others who are physically or mentally handicapped.

This is a section of society that needs the most attention and our endeavor is to help these children grow up with dignity and equal opportunity.

The funds raised and donated by the company is being utilised by the said trust for construction of their new school building, expanding their hostel, and overall helping more and more specially abled children become self-reliant.

Spreading the colours of happiness

Kushal Limited in association with the Municipal School Board of Ahmedabad celebrated Rangutsav with the orphan children studying in the Muncipal Schools of Ahmedabad. The festival of colours or Holi drew close to 1000 neglected and abandoned children to participate in the celebration. The event was graced by Hon’ble Mayor of Ahmedabad Mr Gautam Shah.

A new approach to de-addiction

Addiction to tobacco remains the second largest cause of death around the world. If the current patterns of tobacco usage continue, around 10 million people will die every year due to smoking and tobacco related diseases by 2020.

While dealing with this problem of addiction, no amount of medical advice, family protests and prohibition laws have the kind of impact which spiritual treatment can have in India. Because spirituality uses the core of the inner self to deal with the mental tendencies, this results in people becoming more resilient and kicking a bad habit.

The company sponsored a series of events named ‘Patan Jilla Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan’ held in the Patan district of north Gujarat to spread awareness and get people to emerge free from the slavery of addiction to tobacco, liquor and other related products.